AECT Standard 3: Utilization

The following work samples demonstrate my knowledge and skills to use processes and learning resources that match learners' real needs.

Work Samples

While enrolled in IST 5703, Technology and Learning Cultures (2011), I leveraged my experience with social media to explore nontraditional learning cultures, with special attention to communities of practice and passionate affinity groups. This exploration led to the following:

• Google Map for 1st-time Visitors to Ireland: I created an interactive map as part of my final project. The goal was to create a web tool that others could use and react to in an authentic community. This presentation shows evidence of the tool's use after one month of posting, and my academic paper (PDF) draws on theory.
• Data Visualization: I created an instructional infographic based on my analysis of user data for MIT's Scratch community of practice.

Wiki: While enrolled in IST 5003, Foundations of Instructional Technology (2008), I created the wiki for a group project to help teach begining education students about Behaviorist theory.

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