Rowdy Robot Math Roundup

Dear Teacher:

Mastery of word problems is critical to elementary education, as it provides a base for real-world application of math concepts. That's why we created Rowdy Robot Math Roundup. It treats word problems as more than an afterthought. Instead, it puts word problems front and center for your students.

Through this mobile module your students will meet Rowdy, a robot that uses real-world situations to teach word problem-solving.

Scroll down for the two links that you will need: Teacher Resources and Student Activities. The Teacher Resources link will provide supplementation to the Rowdy Robot Math Roundup. The Student Activities link leads to the Rowdy Robot Math Roundup activities that your first-grade students will complete. These activites will help your students master three important learning objectives: sorting, estimating, and skip-counting.

We hope you and your students enjoy getting to know Rowdy. We welcome your feedback on how this module makes a difference in your classroom.


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