AECT Standard 5: Evaluation

The following work samples demonstrate my ability to identify education-related issues and instructional challenges, and my analytical skills to uncover and evaluate supporting research to argue for possible tactics and solutions. In my current profession, I have not been able to apply this analytical work to a classroom or defined set of learners, but I hope to as I continue to pursue career opportunities and further study of instructional technology.

Work Samples

  • Research Article Critique (C&I 5003, Theory and Dynamics of Curriculum and Instruction, 2009)

  • The Role of Trolls: Illegitimate Participants in the Reddit Community of Practice (IST 5703, Technology and Learning Cultures, 2011)

  • A Literature Review on the Causes of Dropping out of High School (EDU 5003, Research Methods, 2009)

  • An Analysis of Performance Among Economically Disadvantaged Students in Texas High Schools: Has the High School Allotment Bill Made a Difference? (EDU 5003, Research Methods, 2009)

  • It's in the Bag: A Qualitative Study on Grocery Shopping Behaviors (EDU 5003, Research Methods, 2009)

  • Ingredients for Achieving Financial Literacy Demonstrated Through the Dave Ramsey Passionate Affinity Group (IST 5703, Technology and Learning Cultures, 2011)

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