AECT Standard 2: Development

The following work samples demonstrate my ability to apply learning principles, research, and theories to the development of a variety of appropriate instructional media, including print, audiovisual, computer-based and integrated technologies.

Work Samples

Curriculum Development
• Budget Basics Curriculum Unit: The five-lesson curriculum unit I developed for IST 5323, Concepts of Teaching and Learning (2011) employs a variety of media technology to help instructors teach third grade learners about financial literacy and money management. This unit is based on theory from Piaget, Vygotsky, and Gardner.
• Lesson Plan based on Financial Education and Social Cognitive Theory: The final project I prepared for EDP 5003, Psychological Learning Theories (2008) includes an academic paper paired with print media, an interactive game, an associated Lesson Plan Guide, and other materials that turn the instruction into a multimedia learning experience that addresses the need to approach financial literacy from a social cognitive perspective.

Digital Game Design: The Lunch Money Game In my role as Youth Media Director for USAA, I had led content development of an interactive game about budgeting, targeted at fourth-grade learners. In this assignment for IST 5011, Tech Skills -- Gaming (2008), I built on this existing game, bypassing budget limitations of reality and conceptualizing a truly interactive tool that harnessed the power of digital game-based learning to help users practice math skills by making their $15 in lunch money last a whole week (PDF).

Technology-based Learning modules: Click the images or text links below to see the Flash-based learning modules.

Rowdy Robot Math RoundupRowdy Robot Math Roundup: I co-created this Flash-based multimedia lesson to help instruct first-grade learners how to solve word problems. (Please see PDF of accompanying academic paper.) An HTML version of the lesson was built for mobile devices. My role was project manager and back-up programmer for this group project prepared for IST 6353, Multimedia (2010).

Let's Learn About Baking Let's Learn about Baking: I was the programmer and project manager for this self-paced Flash-based lesson intended to use technology to help teach middle school students baking basics. (Please see PDF of accompanying academic paper.) This was a final group project developed in IST 6603, Animation (2009).

Video Reflections: Click each image or text link below to watch a video reflection produced with iMovie for IST 5323, Concepts of Teaching and Learning (2011).

Learning Theories OverviewLearning Theories Overview: This video explores some of the foundational theories that influenced education in the 1800s and 1900s, including behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, constructionism, and situated learning.

Learner Centered Theories Learner Centered Theories: This video explores taxonomies in the affective domain, self-efficacy, motivation, and multiple intelligences.

Constructivist & Inquiry Based LearningConstructivist and Inquiry Based Learning: This video explores experiential learning, situated cognition, cognitive apprenticeship, problem-based learning, project-based learning, and anchored instruction.

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